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1st application: GMT study tour

1st application: GMT study tour

1st application: annual Study Tour of "Germany Meets Turkey - A Forum for Young Leaders" 2008




Helping the participants to get to know each other, share ideas for Leadership Initiatives



World Cafe



In Germany we were using a World Cafe for the participants to get to know each other and define their goals how their Network should look like. The World Cafe lasted one day.



  • Sometimes to much openness of the topic might be confusing. The participants did not expect to deffine the design of their network by themselfs.
  • World Cafe seems to be a good tool, for people to get to know each other better. However, a clearer topic would have been better.
  • Also 1 day might have been too long. It might have been better, if the format would have been applied after some of the program parts to deepen the insights and share ideas about the topics.



Next time, try to iplement facilitation into the weekly program rather than starting with it.

Last changed by Sabrina Tschiche on 24/09/2010

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