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2nd application: GMT study tour #2

2nd application: GMT study tour #2

2nd application:

Anual Study Tour of "Germany Meets Turkey - A Forum for Young Leaders"




Using facilitation for deepening learing results and developing leadership initiatives



World Cafe, Idealogue, MeWeUs



In Turkey we were using several facilitation tools during a one week study tour trough Turkey. Participants were working in groups after several seminar and conference sessions to reflect on the input.

  • Evaluation has shown, that they liked this format especially because through this, they were able to deepen their understanding and getting to know the whole group.
  • Some participants argued, that a little bit of more free time for unformal networking was missing.

At the end of the study tour we had a half day facilitation session, just focusing on leadership initiatives (projects that should be implementet by the participants). People got time to reflect on ideas by themselves, present them and pin them on a board. After this sessing, people could give dots for their favorite ideas. Finally 3 ideas were selected for group work. People were very enthusiastic on working together on those ideas.

  • Since people had to select 3 of more than 40 ideas, many good ideas were not taken up. Maybe a longer session in an Open Space format would have brought more results and would have suported some ideas, that now have fallen through the cracks. 



  • Participants like the idea of leadership initiatives.
  • Time was too short. This topic could have been implemented earlier into the program of the study tour.

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