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3rd application: Grundtvig Workshop

3rd application: Grundtvig Workshop

3rd application:

Grundtvig Project - Meine Brücke nach Europa

(Matthias, Juliane, Lena)



Using facilitation for bringing a diverse group of people all over Europe togehter to foster their knowlege and their ability to enter the European labor market



Furture Search, Magic Cards, World Café, Storry Telling, "the golden egg", "the racing reporter"



In November 2009 Matthias and Juliane held a workshop that was funded by the Grundtvig Program to Grape People. Participants were working together on questions like what Europe means to them, what kind of skills they need for the labor market, new approaches on getting a job, etc.

New techniques were implemented, some of them taken from the lifework planning concept. Also the pb wiki was tested as a virtual tool.

  • People enjoyed getting to know each other virtually before meeting in Berlin. Also the platform was used to upload and document results.
  • The lifework planning tool seemed to be frightening to some of the participants. Maybe time was to short to introduce this very challenging concept.



If used on a national or local level with less travel effort, it might be better to split up the program into 3 or 4 smaller sessions so that participants have time to reflect on results and work with the tool in between the different sessions.


New questions:

  • How can the results be used for a program that would be implemented on a local level?
  • Would this method also work for people with less qualifications?

Last changed by Sabrina Tschiche on 24/09/2010

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