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7th application: Virtual facilitation

7th application: Virtual facilitation

7th application:

Using virtual tools (wiki & webex) for participative grant writing together with project partners

(Lena, Matthias)


In order to design a network project about online collaboration an to write the application in a participatory way, different tools such as a wiki and webex for online meetings had been applied.



wiki, webex, logframe



  • webex: 
  • wiki: The creation of several "smaller" pages in the wiki was important to allow simoultaneous working regaring the several questions. So the grant writing has been really participative and well organized. But in the wiki are some functions missing, such as word counting or language / grammar correction.
  • logframe: we did not take enough time to really work on the logframe. So sometimes the common strategy has been missing. Perhaps finishing first the logframe and than starting a participatory grant writing?



  • before starting the grant writing a brainstorming meeting is important in order to have the same goal and same content background.
  • even "professional" and very experienced facilitators work with pb works wikis - so it seems to be one of the best tools existing at the moment. For predesigned application forms, it is a good tool - for applications that has to be designed by our own, the wiki text editing is not good enough for layout making.
  • 1 online document with the application text avoids to work on an old version that had been sent via email...


New questions:

  • how can the "correction" function for text editing be improved in the wiki (to avoid too many colours...)?
  • how to take enough time at the beginning of grant writing to really work on a elobrated concept?

Last changed by Sabrina Tschiche on 23/09/2010

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