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NICO-F is an international, sustainable network aiming to disseminate practical tools to promote Facilitation at the European level.






  • Strengthening the work of intercultural communication organizations through FACILITATION to improve dialogue and integration within Europe;
  • Training the participating program coordinators within an investigative working group, supported by professional FACILITATION trainers;
  • Giving the participants the opportunity to work in different constellations and to bring the know-how of different countries together;
  • Raising the knowledge about FACILITATION methods within the networks of the participating organisations and the Lifelong Learning Community


The partnership objectives will be achieved by way of the following approaches:

  • Establishment of a network of intercultural communication associations willing to use and adapt FACILITATION tools, including trainers already speacialized in FACILITATION;
  • Establishment of a team of participants, who will make a needs analysis;
  • Identification of the appropriate FACILITATION methods;
  • Verification of FACILITATION methods during a one year implementation period, in which each organisation will test these methods within their community and networks;
  • Evaluation of this implementation by each organisation and inclusion of staff and trainees into the process




you can found out more about the participating partner organizations of this partnership project, about its partnership meetings, the NICO-F members and in the handbook - being the precious fruit of our two-year collaboration - about our experiences and findings regarding FACILITION.



We thank Naxaf Digital Solutions for supporting us with the creation of our NICO-F logo.

More info can be found on the website of our project, provided by the coordinating partner organization ICD.

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