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Creating a vision with Appreciative Inquiry

Creating a vision with Appreciative Inquiry

Developing a common vision

out of personal and organizational interest in thisproject

(facilitated by Swedish partner on January 14th, 2009 in Izmir)



Method of Appreciate Inquiry:

  • Based on system theory (“A system does only maintain as long as its elements maintain”)
  • Focus on strengths and individuals (their own stories)
  • vs. e.g. SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats)
  • Practicing, implementing and evaluation of facilitation


Appreciative Inquiry


Step 1: Exploring

  • Interview: Describe a (work) situation where you have been proud andsuccessful (“Flow”)
  • Discussing the situation in couples (by putting questions in a child way: What happened? How did it feel? What skills, capacities, and experience did you use? Learning?)
  • Story telling of the others flow-stories in groups à 4 to 6 
  • reveals about ability to communicate, “what is not communicated does not exist”, “it does not matter what I say but what you hear”
  • Reflections on Success Factors reveals values and what is success for the team
  • successful (going up quickly, lobbying) vs. effective (doing job in the right way) managers

Appreciative Inquiry

Interview Success factors AI

Success factors


Step 2: Dreaming

  • Task: close your eyes and dream about what you would like NICO_F to be in December 2010


Step 3: Designing

  • Visualisation of dreams in groups (e.g. NICO_F in the news)

Designing vision for AI


Step 4: Make it happen



Evaluation of the Method

AI Evaluation

Results of our discussion about the effectiveness of Appreciative Inquiry, facilitated by using the MeWeUs tool

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