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First try of application: ICD

First try of application: ICD

1st trial of application:

Facilitation training for ICD's Leadership Initiatives

(Matthias, Sabrina)


Teaching FACILITATION to ICD staff so that they can help to increase the interactivity and active participation of the participants of ICD's young leaders forums --> Leadership Initiatives



World Cafe, Magic cards, MeWeUs, Apreciative Inquiry, etc.



The workshop did not take place yet since no time was found to get all ICD stuff together. A suggestion for a workshop with the whole ICD team in summer 2010 has been designed, but the ICD management didn't support the idea.



  • It is sometimes hard to convice people that have no affinity with facilitated processes.
  • Even if a person says yes in the first place, it doesn't mean that he or she really means it.
  • Facilitation is not about convincing – even not in the step of planning – but about listening and connecting to what the certain group needs.


New questions:

  • In how far does the goal of your facilitation initiative meet the interests of the organization/ customer/ (dominating) addressee?
  • Does the management of the organization buy in?
  • Is their a realistic chance that the promises of the facilitation process (involvement in decision process etc.) can be realized?
  • How can to the management of an organization be suggested to think about FACILITATION in terms of means and not threat?

Last changed by Sabrina Tschiche on 24/09/2010

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