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Flower model for collecting expectations

Flower model for collecting expectations

Why we are here?

(facilitated by the Polish partner on January 13th, 2009 in Izmir)


Discussing and painting our personal motivationsand intentions regarding this meeting - in groups consisting of spring, summer, autumn and winter born participants.


Flower Model 1

Flower Model 2

Flower Model 3



Our expectations and questions for this Kick-OffMeeting are:

  • Fun
  • How to make use of Faciliation
  • Finishing project plan
  • What direction is this project taking?
  • Inspiring moments, conversation
  • Our common ideas of Facilitation
  • Time frame for NICO
  • Establish contact with NICO members
  • Can we make bread?
  • Creating a common vision of and for NICO
  • Collaboration: learning, sharing, exploring
  • Seeing facilitation work
  • Combining motivations and learnings goals
  • Cultural visits

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