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Learning and skills

Learning and skills

As we explored in our last NICO_F evaluation meeting, these are our...



Working with facilitation methods

  • the strength of facilitation that proved itself in NICO_F project
  • use of colours
  • that facilitation is a process
  • that control is usal (is what we are used to), but trust is better
  • to give time to explore
  • thar faciliation can be time wasting - the importance of planning
  • that people CAN have good time in meetings
  • a lot of interesting knowledge about the new topic facilitation
  • I want to integrate faciliation in my work


  • the importance of "structured talk" in all processes
  • to see beyond words
  • to be curious
  • keep my mind open and to listen to people stories

(Intercultural) Group

  • the importance of time for fun/ dancing/ playing
  • the importance of hosting
  • experience how conflicts are part of group forming
  • how important diversity is
  • different working cultures
  • how culture for me is about more than national backgrounds
  • how to integrate (in group)
  • leading  [introducing?] new young people in the process



Working with Facilitation methods

  • "visual journey" to evaluate project
  • "action plan"
  • working virtually through mixxt, with blog and with webex
  • other facilitation techniques


  • increased "active listening"
  • improved linguistic skills

Taking actions

  • saying "i will" instead of "it should"
  • learn how to be more active (don't hesitate)


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