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Map of expectations

Map of expectations

Collecting expectations

with the aid of the Map of expectations

(facilitated by Kari & Mari on August 24th, 2009 in Spisska Kapitula/ Slovakia)


Map of expectations
















Team members write any expectations they have on sticky notes and paste them onto an expectation map, which can then be read as a guide. Throughout training, fulfilled expectations can be removed or new ones can be added, so the map can be used for feedback and guidance on facilitation.

For our NICO_F project for instance, we found the following common ideas on our expectations for the meeting in Slovakia:

  • Learning practical tools and applying them
  • Fun and social activities while working
  • Development rather than production
  • Plan future development of NICO_F


Purpose and Background as discussed in the meeting

  • Facilitation can be used at all steps of project development, pre-project, planning, doing, and sustainability.
  • Think about facilitation not in terms of changing the what but changing the who and the how.
  • Facilitation can be helpful especially when we have to ignore status (hierarchies) and focus on experience (learning).
  • Mapping expectations is important because expectations are required for learning. The facilitator must have expectations, too. Make unfulfillable expectations clear in advance.
  • The participative process of mapping expectation calls everyone responsible for the direction that the meeting takes.
  • Ask for interconnections and loops between different expectations—This enforces analytical thinking.
  • The group should determine and agree on the agenda after expectations have been mapped to not limit the thoughts of the group members. The agenda should not rely on timeslots, but should adapt to the group needs, the environment, etc. If a agenda is demanded beforehand keep it as open as possible
  • Writing down results can help move facilitation from the soft process to hard rules.


Map of expectations 2















Results of facilitated discussion about purposed of the Map of Expectations

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