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Need Analysis From İzmir


Internal situations/Daily Work

Followings are the routine activities of the Izmir Governorship:

(a) Regular monitoring and publishing of the funds of different granting institutions: İzmir Governorship EU and Foreign Relations Center regularly monitor different fund-grating bodies’ web sites and publish them on its web site. We also have a mailing group which we use it as a communication tool with our target groups.

(b) Helping people who wants to write EU projects: Our department also helps people in writing EU projects. People who have project ideas or draft project proposals can apply us to get feedback on their ideas and proposals.

(c) Writing and conducting projects and participating projects as partner: Our department also writes projects proposals for various calls such as LdV, Comenius, Grundtvig, Youth, ToI etc. Currently we have several running projects. As a Department we sometimes take part in the projects as a partner institution.

(d) Workshops and trainings on ‘Project Cycle Management (PCM)’: One of the responsibilities of our department is to give trainings on Project Cycle Management and project writing. Up to now we gave trainings to more than 325 people.


Situations that would benefit from facilitation:

(a) Project Meetings: As part of the projects we regularly conduct meetings both in Turkey and abroad. Facilitation techniques would be a useful tool in these meetings. We can use and teach facilitation techniques. Especially kick-off meetings are very important because people meet with new people and establish partnerships. Using facilitation techniques can facilitate this process.

(b) Project Trainings: We can use facilitation techniques in our project trainings.

(c) Regular Staff Meetings: Facilitation techniques which we will learn during this project will be a great asset in our regular staff meetings.

(d) PCM trainings: As EU and Foreign Relations Department we regularly organise PCM training seminars. Different facilitation techniques can be used during these seminars.

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