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Our local group from Poland

Basia Facilitation


has had already many opportunities to use facilitation method as almost all program participants are trainers so we are using facilitation method in our trainings very often.




Here we present information regarding the tools we started to use based on what we learned in the project:

  • Appreciative Inquiry
  • World Café
  • Open space
  • Visual facilitation methods


We also present few projects in which we were using facilitation tools:

  • Annual Adults Learning Association meeting in 2009
  • Annual Adults Learning Association meeting in 2010
  • Facilitating the process of project team effectiveness raising
  • Facilitation the process of creating sales department procedures
  • Facilitation within informal organized European Projects
  • Facilitation during trainings
  • Virtual facilitation for creating a trainer’s school in Poland


Facilitation Poland 1











1st trial of application: Facilitation workshop for SECD (Adult’s Learning Association) members 


Date: The workshop took place  on 16-17th of May 2009 in Chorzów, Poland. 

Idea: development of working potential among SECD members, creating new initiatives in association

Tools: World Cafe, Magic cards, Appreciative Inquiry, etc.

Evaluation: All participants agreed that workshop were very inspiring to them, gave them a new perspectives on what can be done within our association.


  • Facilitation can enable people to integrate with the group easier
  • Working on facilitation methods means leaving people space for creating their solutions etc.
  • Facilitation methods help association to create new ideas and projects

Facilitation Poland 2











2nd application: annual SECD meeting 2010

Date: The workshop took place  on 10th of April 2010 in Chorzów, Poland.

Idea: development of working potential among SECD members, creating new initiatives in association

Tools: World café, Appreciative Inquiry

Evaluation: In Poland we were using Appreciative Inquiry for getting association members to know their strengths and a World Cafe for the participants to define their goals in the association. The workshop lasted one day.


  • At the beginning of workshop with facilitation methods there has to be an introduction to the trust building process so people could feel safe and opened to sharing their success.
  • World Café is a good tool for people to get new ideas and inspire with solution proposed by others.
  • Visual facilitation helps a lot with sharing a common vision and enabling creativity process
  • Evaluation workshop should end with action plan so the invented ideas would have a chance to be realized


All participants felt motivated and empowered by this session and agreed that each year there should be an opportunity to work this way on association development.


Facilitation Poland 3
















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