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Role Posters and Stakeholder Mapping

Role Posters and Stakeholder Mapping

Defining Roles




Role Posters

The World Café method can be adapted to the process of role defining by creating a poster for each role in the group. These posters are hung at different stations, where members can reflect and post. Convergence occurs as in World Café. (This can go deeper than the application as well.)


We posted our ideas and expectations on local hosts, project coordinator, project members, project manager and local participants:

Role Posters

Role Posters 2


The group debriefed the methods used until now. We decided we had to come up with ways to make each group different in the World Café method , and the need to make more methods for convergence. Facilitators have to make sure that all members are clear on the goals and terminology used.



Stakeholder Mapping

Members brainstorm potential stakeholders, then map their expectations and needs in one column and the benefits the program presents to them in another.

Stakeholder Mapping



Who, What, When

is a more conventional method to define responsibilities. The process might be less creative and participative when facilitated in this way, but it is helpful when quick decisions are needed.

Who, What, When

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