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Practical training and using the specific facilitation method “Open space”.

Event: NICO_F/Workshop “Open Space” 2010

Date: 23.-25.6.2010

Place: European House-Spišská Kapitula

Facilitator: Members of FEMAN Association

Participants: Students and teachers of the “Utility art school in Košice”


Open Space at Spiska Kapitula


The program step by step:

First day:  Wednesday, 23 rd of June


This first day was the most important, because in that day we introduced each other. For the students this was the most important input as well, because for all of them we brought new terms like project NICO_F, facilitation, method Open Space and etc.

After the basic introduction of the students (they answered on the basic questions like what is my name? what I study...) we try to find an answer on the basic questions together in group:

1: Why Am I here?

2: What I expect from this meeting?

3: Why I appreciative that I can be here?


In this step the school teachers were very helpful. It was glad to see that also these people take an interest about facilitation as a learning method.

After the complete this questions we made an inquiry if they have any idea what is facilitation or, what they think that facilitation could be. The facilitator (Mr. Eduard Buraš) introduced them for first the hole project NICO_F (what this project represents, which countries cooperated in this project, what are we doing, what is our function and what is their function in his project and what’s going on in whole this process), what is facilitation generally, and what does it mean “method OPEN SPACE” specifically.

Finally we presented detailed program for next days for them, and invite them do not to hesitate have different ideas about next program and ask if they have any questions.

On the end of the fist global meeting the students presented the subjects of their next creative work and explain why they choose it.

After this process they gave the “open space” for their collective or individual visions.


The evening summary:

On the end of the day we tried to discuss and analyzed our personal feelings from whole day, say what was ok, what less and we can do better on the next day.



Second day:  Thursday, 24th of June

We collected the filled questionnaires and try to discuss about the students answers on the main questions:

  • How are your school meetings?
  • How these meetings can be better?
  • What are the reasons that you don’t do it?
  • What is the most difficult for your energy on these meetings?
  • Which kind of support do you need for more effective, shorter and more efficient meetings?


The students, but teachers also shared their knowledge, experiences and opinions with us.

After this they gave the place for creativity again.

On the end of the day we prepared for participants the nice friendly atmosphere where they were talking about their study, visions for the future and also we seen the short video about new art trends and also short movie about the life stories of some famous art leaders. 



Third day: Friday, 25th of June

On beginning of the day we try to discover the visions of the students how shout look the last day, how they want to make final presentation of their work, what else do they want to know or see.

Then they finished the work and prepare the final presentation for public.

On the end of this practical plener we did global closing, consisted from mixed feeling, opinions, proposals and tasks, especially for the school teachers to come with new ideas and “fresh air” to the usually school life.

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