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Sociometric Tool for goal setting

“The Line”

Members position themselves along a line on the basis of given questions, for instance

  • “How clear is our goal to you?”
  • “How clear are your responsibilities?”

Questions can be reworked based on responses.

In a second step the facilitator interviews the participants on their positioning. A variety of goals are revealed, and these are generally different from those of the project manager and from the other. A very tangible and touching experience!

















In a third step more detailed questions can be asked to converge to an agreement, for instance

  • “Who would agree that our goal is to …?”


The sociometry can be used also for other issues than goal setting; in our project for instance we also used it for evaluation and getting on the same page.

For more complex questions, a second or even third axis and dimension of question can be added to the sociometry, for instance:

  • "How clear is now your picture of what NICO_F is about?"
  • "How content are you with this idea of NICO_F?"


This method proved particularly effective in developing the NICO_F project!

Last changed by Sabrina Tschiche on 24/09/2010

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