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About Facilitation?

About Facilitation?




Definiton of Facilitation 

The word facilitator comes from the Latin “facilitas” meaning “easiness”, and the verb “to facilitate” has the dictionary definition “to make easy, promote, help forward (an action or result)[1]  .  

Facilitation starts from the premise that every person has an equal right to speak and participate in dialogue and decision making.[2]      


Facilitation is about process –how you do something- rather than the content- what you do.[3]






Below are some definitions made by NICO-F group: 

  •       It makes all competences visible 
  •       Collective thinking and enhancing creativity 
  •       The collective intelligence 
  •       Methots for participation and engagement based on process 
  •       Contributes to organizational learning by usng personal and group learning processes. 
  •       Learning by discovering 
  •       Art of involving all parts 
  •       Team building process
  •       Constant development and learning
  •       Process of creativity and learning
  •       Philosophy of group process
  •       To change boring meetings to funny meetings
  •       A process where everybody is equally involved by facilitator
  •       A way of supporting group to come to a mutual goal more effectively
  •       It’s an ongoing process
  •       It’s not only about what, but about how
  •       Facilitation makes goals open and clear
  •       A way for organizational learning and change
  •       Universal method which is not limited with the topic





The Facilitator

A facilitator is a process guide; someone who makes easier or more convenient. Facilitation is about movement – moving something from A to B. The facilitator guides the group towards a destination. Facilitation makes it easier to get an agreed destination. [4]   


  •       He/she is neutral.
  •       Focuses on process not content.
  •       The facilitator is not a leader, a coach or a manager.
  •       He/She makes the process easier
  •       Asks questions but not give answers. Provides place for participants to find the answers.
  •       Facilitator is not telling/ teaching but exploring/ learning
  •       Speeds up, supports and concentrates on learning process





The effects of Facilitation on group process and participants

It’s a process of giving responsibility for participants’ learning process.

Effective facilitation encourages each person to value, develop and express their full sense of self, and be in authentic relationship with others individually and as part of a group working towards collective goals.

·         Tool for intercultural learning and education

·         Helps exploring new areas and skills

·         An approach concentrated on helping groups to be creative in problem solving process

·         Appreciation of group capabilities and resources

·         Process useful both in professional and private life

·         Way of helping and coordinating discussions/group work by using different tool

·         An attitude based on belief that people can come up with an idea for solution of their own.

·         Engagement for all participants

·         Commitment in the organization





[1] Frances Bee; Roland Bee, Facilitation skills, Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development, 1998.

[2] Dale Hunter, The Art of Facilitation, Da Capo Press, 1995.

[3] Dale Hunter; Anne Bailey; Bill Taylor, The facilitation of groups‎, Gower Publishing Ltd., 1998

[4] Dale Hunter; Anne Bailey; Bill Taylor, The facilitation of groups‎, Gower Publishing Ltd., 1998

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