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Feedback models

Feedback models

Handling challenges at group meetings 

by using sensitive feedback models


Whole Message Model

The WMM works on the principle that feedback has one purpose: learning. Telling people something does not amount to them “learning” anything. The WMM separates evaluation from the situation and the person at hand by organizing feedback along the following four steps:

  • Observation (giving my facts)
  • Thought (what I believe the consequences of these facts are)
  • Feeling (worried? pleased?)
  • Action (“What we can do is...” “What do you think?”)

As the FIRO Threory (Schutz 1958) shows, it a normal part of a group process, that the mood of the group, which initially was enthusiastic and harmonical, changes to skepticism and even conflicts when roles and goals need to be defined.

Whole Message Model



































Using this WMM to evaluate the past days of our meeting in Spisska Kapitula/ Slovakia, we found that our greatest needs were to detemine:

This was followed by a round of evaluations from the past two days, using the whole-message model on a group scale. The group offered a considerable amount of feedback. We found that our greatest needs were to determine:

  • the direction of the program and what specifically we would like to accomplish.
  • the aspirations and motivations of the project members and organizations.
  • how we are going to work together and rules for creating rules during the process.
  • how we are going to create space for intercultural communication.
  • what our people+process+product are.

We decided to reflect on what we experienced and how this personal experience can be used in facilitation.




This feedback model can be used as a temporary download in case of tension. Feedback giver organizes feedback according with the phrases “I see” “I think” “I wonder”.

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