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World Café

World Café

The World Café

is a divergent method (which can be made convergent) in which participants rotate freely among cocktail tables covered in paper. Team members discuss a different theme at each table and write down their thoughts.


We used World Café to discuss several aspects of team-building: tools for building trust, tools for building commitment, and tools for visualizing and developing competences and capabilities. We then used the convergent process of evaluating the most important points by placing sticky dots on the topics we would like to work on in course of the next day.


Purpose and background as discussed in the meeting:

  • There are different ways of rotating that you can decide for (clockwise, by colour or number etc.).
  • This method is especially helpful when you need to create a lot of new ideas and also want the participants to exchange and discuss their thoughts.
  • The content and form of the question is the key to the success of this method. Try to explicitly relate to previous results (here the success factors) and to find a concrete and clear phrasing.
  • Encourage system thinking by discussing possible interconnections of the ideas at the end.


World Café 1

















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