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Four meetings have been the cornerstones of our project, during which experienced Facilitation trainers and the members of the partner organizations learned about Facilitation and created a Facilitation handbook together, by applicating the concept and tools of Facilitation.     NICO-F Kick-off Meeting: January 13 – 14, 2009 in Izmir The first meeting of the Network of Intercultural Communication Organisations on ...


Our personal stories - such as impressions, jokes, feelings, observations - might explain best what NICO_F and Facilitation meant for us, what it did to us and why we consider it to be important..   What does NICO-F mean for me? In December 2008, my boss told me that in January I will travel to Turkey. I was quite surprised, why  there, so he described me with a few words the project, NICO-F. I did not know ...


Need Analysis From İzmir   Internal situations/Daily Work Followings are the routine activities of the Izmir Governorship: (a) Regular monitoring and publishing of the funds of different granting institutions: İzmir Governorship EU and Foreign Relations Center regularly monitor different fund-grating bodies’ web sites and publish them on its web site. We also have a mailing group which we use it as a ...

Facilitation process in NICO

When managing our partnership project there have been two different processes that needed to be managed – the people process (HOW) and the project process (WHAT). The degree of learning and creativity that derives from the project is a direct result of how well these two processes are managed and supported to interact. Facilitation for supporting these two processes is especially important at the start up phase ...

Virtual facilitation

Here we collect the designs and results of our virtual meetings that we conducted to sustain our project in-between the local meetings in Izmir, Kosice, Kraków and Berlin.   1. 2nd Pre-Kraków Meeting – 30.11.2009, 7-9pm CET – 9 Participants – Topic: What should be the outcome of the Kraków meeting? (Facilitated by Sabrina) What Total Time How Introduction/ Warm-Up  15 min Picture/ voice Sharing: Best news from ...

Presentation of organizations

Getting to know each others organizations (facilitated by Polish partner on Januar 13th, 2009 in Izmir)   The main idear here was to base the sharing of information on aspects that were interested for the participating members themselves.   1st Step: Brainstorming on categories of characteristics thatare interesting regarding the participant’sorganizations                                    2nd Step: Collection ...

Flower model for collecting expectations

Why we are here? (facilitated by the Polish partner on January 13th, 2009 in Izmir)   Discussing and painting our personal motivationsand intentions regarding this meeting - in groups consisting of spring, summer, autumn and winter born participants.       Our expectations and questions for this Kick-OffMeeting are: Fun How to make use of Faciliation Finishing project plan What direction is this project ...

Creating a vision with Appreciative Inquiry

Developing a common vision out of personal and organizational interest in thisproject (facilitated by Swedish partner on January 14th, 2009 in Izmir)     Method of Appreciate Inquiry: Based on system theory (“A system does only maintain as long as its elements maintain”) Focus on strengths and individuals (their own stories) vs. e.g. SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) Practicing, ...


Združenie FEMAN (Kosice, Slovakia) - www.feman.sk FEMAN is a Slovak – European Cultural association, founded in 2000, in the city Košice, Slovakia. Feman brings together people who are interested in cultural traditions of European nations and nationalities. It also merges, encourages, integrates and coordinates activities and cooperation of cultural associations in the area of Košice, in correlation with ...

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