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About Facilitation?

  FACILITATION…    Definiton of Facilitation  The word facilitator comes from the Latin “facilitas” meaning “easiness”, and the verb “to facilitate” has the dictionary definition “to make easy, promote, help forward (an action or result)[1]  .   Facilitation starts from the premise that every person has an equal right to speak and participate in dialogue and decision making.[2]          Facilitation is about ...

Facilitation process in NICO

When managing our partnership project there have been two different processes that needed to be managed – the people process (HOW) and the project process (WHAT). The degree of learning and creativity that derives from the project is a direct result of how well these two processes are managed and supported to interact. Facilitation for supporting these two processes is especially important at the start up phase ...

4th application: emcra mission statement

4th application: Facilitating the process of creating a mission statement (Matthias, Sabrina)   Here you can find the result of this workshop: emcra's mission statement (in German). Assignment: Participative collection of ideas for emcra's mission statement - to integrate all the various existing ideas, to enable the employee's identification with and thus engagement for the stated mission   Concept: Using two ...

Role Posters and Stakeholder Mapping

Defining Roles with     Role Posters The World Café method can be adapted to the process of role defining by creating a poster for each role in the group. These posters are hung at different stations, where members can reflect and post. Convergence occurs as in World Café. (This can go deeper than the application as well.)   We posted our ideas and expectations on local hosts, project coordinator, project ...

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