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Four meetings have been the cornerstones of our project, during which experienced Facilitation trainers and the members of the partner organizations learned about Facilitation and created a Facilitation handbook together, by applicating the concept and tools of Facilitation.     NICO-F Kick-off Meeting: January 13 – 14, 2009 in Izmir The first meeting of the Network of Intercultural Communication Organisations on ...

Learning and skills

As we explored in our last NICO_F evaluation meeting, these are our...   Learnings Working with facilitation methods the strength of facilitation that proved itself in NICO_F project use of colours that facilitation is a process that control is usal (is what we are used to), but trust is better to give time to explore thar faciliation can be time wasting - the importance of planning that people CAN have good ...

Local applications

A core part of our partnership project is the application of the facilitation methods we learn about not only within the NICO_F project itself, but within our local organizations and communities as well. The various experiences we gained through integrating the approach and methods in our trainings, workshops and beyond, have shaped what we understand by facilitation and made possible the development of various ...


Our local group from Poland   has had already many opportunities to use facilitation method as almost all program participants are trainers so we are using facilitation method in our trainings very often.       Here we present information regarding the tools we started to use based on what we learned in the project: Appreciative Inquiry World Café Open space Visual facilitation methods   We also present few ...

Experiences with methods

The experiences with facilitation were very distinct for everyone of us; especially the exchange about the perspectives of beginners and these of the more experienced have been very fruitful (see our stories). Here you can find out about how a facilitation newbie learned that and in which ways Facilitation is more than just about certain tools (see toolbox), that it is also very much about the exposure to and our ...

First try of application: ICD

1st trial of application: Facilitation training for ICD's Leadership Initiatives (Matthias, Sabrina) Idea: Teaching FACILITATION to ICD staff so that they can help to increase the interactivity and active participation of the participants of ICD's young leaders forums --> Leadership Initiatives   Tools: World Cafe, Magic cards, MeWeUs, Apreciative Inquiry, etc.   Evaluation: The workshop did not take place ...

1st application: GMT study tour

1st application: annual Study Tour of "Germany Meets Turkey - A Forum for Young Leaders" 2008 (Matthias)   Idea: Helping the participants to get to know each other, share ideas for Leadership Initiatives   Tools: World Cafe   Evaluation: In Germany we were using a World Cafe for the participants to get to know each other and define their goals how their Network should look like. The World Cafe lasted one day.   ...

2nd application: GMT study tour #2

2nd application: Anual Study Tour of "Germany Meets Turkey - A Forum for Young Leaders" (Matthias)   Concept: Using facilitation for deepening learing results and developing leadership initiatives   Tools: World Cafe, Idealogue, MeWeUs   Evaluation: In Turkey we were using several facilitation tools during a one week study tour trough Turkey. Participants were working in groups after several seminar and ...

3rd application: Grundtvig Workshop

3rd application: Grundtvig Project - Meine Brücke nach Europa (Matthias, Juliane, Lena)   Concept: Using facilitation for bringing a diverse group of people all over Europe togehter to foster their knowlege and their ability to enter the European labor market   Tools: Furture Search, Magic Cards, World Café, Storry Telling, "the golden egg", "the racing reporter"   Evaluation: In November 2009 Matthias and ...

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